We are glad to announce that yesterday Boomstarter Network published interview about our platfrom Duelist.pro.

Check it out right here:

Boomstarter.Network: Alex, tell us your elevator pitch.

— Duelist is a platform for amateur and professional online video tournaments, contests, auditions and battles. You can think of it as Hollywood 2.0, like a shortcut for talents to get to their audiences.

So how does Duelist work? Who’s your audience?

— Users make a video of their performance and upload it to the platform where the battle begins. Then their audiences or a special jury start voting for the best performer. We have identified four core areas where the performers will come from: dance, fitness, sports and music. The rest will be tested and implemented as we develop.

The main goal of Duelist is to give a chance to talents to prove themselves, to become a part of an active international community, to gain fame, and probably to find a job or to earn directly on our platform.

Our main audience is active and creative people. Here I would like to emphasize that the main task of the Duelist is to remove any barriers (geographical, physical, financial) for everyone who wants and can share their talent or skill.

Duelist is a commercial project, but with a great focus on the social sphere. Within the framework of our platform, we will also hold “tournaments of good”. Their goal will be to involve people with disabilities in active creative and sports life (about 650 million people in the world fall into this category, according to World Health Organization). Naturally, for this category our services will be absolutely free.

How are you going to monetize your project when it’s ready? What goals do you set?

— We have a plan for the business sector: our platform is perfect for sponsoring by creative and sports organizations, brands, and customers from the world of art (show projects, nightclubs, artists, organizers of large-scale events). Currently two dance and vocal performance federations are waiting for the launch of the online tournament module in our beta version.

We plan to implement Duelist in stages. The main version will have these features:

a) development of online video duels (two participants show their videos and the audience votes)

b) development of online video tournaments with a special jury making the final decision on the winners

c) development of the user online dashboard and personal page. Each user will be able to publish their services, and customers can apply directly on his page. In the advertising dashboard, you can choose the type and format of advertising.

By the way, we are now already developing the platform using our personal financing and at this stage everyone can test themselves in online art duels.

But this is only the beginning. We have revolutionary plans for the tournaments when all participants will be able to gather on one virtual platform from anywhere in the world.

What is your fundraising goal and why this amount? What income do you expect to receive from your business?

— Our minimum financial target is $50,000 to implement the basic version as described above. We determined this amount during the development of the financial model of the project. If we collect more money, we will be able to hold more “tournaments of good” (we will have many interesting and even profitable offers for sponsors). At least in the first year we plan our income will be above all our costs.

What is your experience of bringing this project to life, what worked best for you?

— We conducted an interview with the owner of the two largest dance and vocal associations in Russia and Ukraine to identify problems and understand which model to develop and what to focus on. I personally have a lot of experience in the field of dance and show, so we are familiar with it all inside out. This area already requires a new technological solution, as there are many disadvantages of offline events (halls rental, financial limitations and the risk of low attendance). We are currently developing an MVP to test and validate our theories.

Have you previously used crowdfunding as a way to attract financing?

— No, we haven’t tried crowdfunding yet.

Why did you decide to use crowdfunding? What do you feel are the advantages compared to other types of financing?

— We believe that crowdfunding is one of the best ways to see the response of the audience and at the same time to test our theories. Also, crowdfunding is based not only on self-interest, but also on the desire to help a worthy, useful project. Seed and venture investments are more pragmatic and can limit us in the format and ways we develop further. Also, most investors want to see a finished product and its performance, so crowdfunding is at this stage an ideal solution for us.

Have you had any experience with cryptocurrencies?

— This will be our first experience with crypto and blockchain, and it will be exciting to try.

Thanks Alex and good luck!